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What are the characteristics of the high-temperature box furnace?

What are the characteristics of the high-temperature box furnace?
Let us first understand what is a high-temperature box furnace? The box type high-temperature furnace is designed for pre-firing and sintering of electronic components and ceramic powders, and can also be used for firing other ceramic products, rare earth components, magnetic materials and the like. The furnace body is all insulated with all-fiber lightweight materials. It is controlled by Japanese intelligent 40-segment temperature controller. It has the characteristics of large temperature range adjustment, high production efficiency and energy saving. The equipment is beautiful and suitable for scientific research units. Small batch production or product process exploration.
High temperature box furnace features:
1 The furnace body is integrated with the intelligent controller, and the whole furnace type is beautiful and generous;
2The heating element adopts the lining type on both sides to speed up the temperature, the temperature is uniform, the replacement is convenient and reliable, and the special customized parts such as the panel and the chimney are all made of stainless steel, and the surface adopts the imported two-color epoxy powder electrostatic spray process;
The furnace is made of advanced light-weight materials. Compared with the traditional muffle furnace, the weight is reduced by 1/2, the heating rate is doubled, energy is saved, and the service life is increased by 3.5 times.
4 The use of new digital instruments, temperature intelligent control, can reduce the visual and human error, greatly improving the work efficiency;
5 has a variety of protection features to improve safety and reliability. The heating process can be set according to different experimental requirements; it has over-temperature, leakage, overload, short-couple protection alarm function; has a variety of settings and adjustment interfaces to meet various environmental conditions.
The main parts of the high temperature box furnace are processed by advanced CNC machine tools. The luxurious and beautiful two-color imported epoxy powder electrostatic painting process is used, and the furnace is processed by special light materials. All the indicators have reached the international advanced level, and are widely used in laboratory analysis and industrial heat treatment of coal, electric power, metallurgy, chemical and other laboratories as well as universities and colleges.


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