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Large box furnaces should be produced by large-scale heat load of tubular furnaces

Large box furnaces should be produced by large-scale heat load of tubular furnaces
The large box furnace has a very large furnace, and a partition wall in the middle of the furnace divides the radiation chamber into two, which greatly increases the heat transfer reflecting surface. The furnace tubes are installed on the three sides of the furnace to improve the utilization of the furnace wall. The convection chamber and the chimney are at the top of the furnace, and the resistance to smoke flow is reduced.
Comparison of large horizontal box furnaces and vertical tube large box furnaces: the two furnace types are basically the same, only one is a horizontal tube and the other is a vertical tube. The feature is that the number of partition walls in the center is increased, and the furnace can be enlarged by using the furnace space and the furnace wall more efficiently while preserving the volume of the furnace and the heat generation strength. Suitable for large furnaces.
The large box furnace is produced to adapt to the large-scale heat load of the tube furnace. The shape of the radiation chamber is a box-shaped hexahedron. The radiant tube can be arranged horizontally, but mostly in a vertical arrangement, also in an U-shaped or gate-shaped arrangement. The burner is arranged with three kinds of burners, such as upward firing, bottom firing, or end (side) wall burning. Its biggest feature is to make full use of the furnace space and enlarge it according to the “building block combination”, so it is especially suitable for large furnaces. Large box furnaces mainly use special equipment for quenching, normalizing, annealing and other conventional heat treatment of steel workpieces.
Large box furnace features:
  1. The electric furnace has large loading capacity and high productivity, and is especially suitable for heat treatment and heating of small and medium-sized parts. The energy saving is up to 20%. The furnace temperature is uniform, and the digital display automatically controls the furnace temperature, which is high in precision;
  2. The electric furnace is convenient to install and has good operating conditions;
3. The seal between the furnace door and the furnace body is automatically sealed without manual sealing;
4. The electric furnace is provided with interlocking protection devices to prevent malfunctions and accidents caused by misoperations;


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