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Quenching process and heat treatment process of high-temperature box furnace

Quenching process and heat treatment process of high-temperature box furnace
The high temperature box furnace adopts advanced technology and develops a new high-performance and energy saving electric furnace. The product has advanced and reasonable structure, adopts the internationally-used ceramic fiberboard to construct the furnace through a unique process, and adopts multi-stage intelligent program controller to automatically process the whole process. Control temperature, high overall performance indicators.
High temperature box furnace product description:
The furnace body adopts a double-layer furnace shell structure, and a fan is arranged between the double-layer furnace shells, which can quickly raise and lower the temperature, and the surface temperature of the furnace shell is low.
The furnace material is made of high-quality imported alumina polycrystalline fiber, energy-saving is 50%, and the upper and lower heating temperature fields are uniform (dark fire heating).
The heating element uses a silicon carbon rod.
The electric furnace temperature control system adopts artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID adjustment, fuzzy control, self-tuning ability and various heating program. The temperature display accuracy of the control system is 1 C. Temperature field stability is 5 C, and the heating rate is high. 1~20°C can be set arbitrarily.
An effective and tight combination of pressure processing deformation and heat treatment, the method of obtaining a good strength and toughness of the workpiece is called deformation heat treatment; the heat treatment in a vacuum atmosphere or vacuum is called vacuum heat treatment, which can not only make The workpiece is not oxidized, does not decarburize, keeps the surface of the workpiece smooth after treatment, improves the performance of the workpiece, and can also be subjected to chemical heat treatment by using an infiltrant.
Surface heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process that only heats the surface layer of the workpiece to change its surface mechanical properties. In order to heat only the surface layer of the workpiece without excessive heat being introduced into the interior of the workpiece, the heat source used must have a high energy density, that is, to give a large amount of heat energy to the workpiece per unit area, so that the surface layer or local portion of the workpiece can be short-time or instantaneous. Reach high temperatures.


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