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What are the main components of the high-temperature box furnace?

What are the main components of the high-temperature box furnace?

The high-temperature box furnace is a national standard energy-saving box furnace, mainly for alloy steel products, various molds such as normalizing, quenching, annealing and other heat treatment, or diamond saw blades for high-temperature sintering. A stainless steel inlet pipe and a valve are installed on the furnace side to adjust the intake air amount, which can play a simple protective atmosphere and reduce the oxidation of the workpiece.

The high-temperature box furnace shell is welded by a steel plate and section steel. The furnace lining is made of ultra-lightweight energy-saving refractory insulation brick, combined with high-purity aluminum silicate fiber cotton insulation, and the electric heating element is made of high temperature resistant alloy product 0Cr27Al7Mo2, which is placed in the furnace. On the wall and the wire on the bottom of the furnace. There are two thermocouple holes on the top of the high-temperature box furnace. When the thermocouple is inserted into the furnace, the temperature control system is used to control the temperature and over temperature protection of the box furnace.

The high-temperature box furnace is mainly composed of a casing, a furnace lining and a silicon carbon rod heating element. The furnace shell is made of steel and steel plates. The furnace is composed of high-aluminum concrete composite bricks. Energy-saving thermal insulation bricks are placed between the furnace and the furnace shell, and aluminum silicate fibers are filled with thermal insulation powder. Silicon carbon rod heating elements is placed on square bricks on either side of the furnace. The furnace door is made of steel plate, which is insulated with bricks and light refractory bricks. There is a small hole in the center of the furnace door to observe the heating of the workpiece. In order to prevent heat from escaping from the hole, a transparent mica plate is filled in the hole. The opening and closing of the furnace door are completed by the handle mechanism.

There is a thermocouple seat on the back side of the high-temperature box furnace to accommodate the thermocouple for temperature measurement. Since the silicon carbon rod heating element is prone to aging, the resistance is significantly increased after use, so a three-phase transformer is used, and a plurality of different voltage taps are used in the secondary to increase the input voltage across the silicon carbon rod to ensure the electric furnace power.


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