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Analysis of the performance and structure of vacuum hot pressing furnace

Analysis of the performance and structure of vacuum hot pressing furnace
You may have heard of a vacuum hot press, but you don't necessarily know. In fact, hot presses are mainly used for sintering ceramic powders, ceramic ferrules and other zirconia ceramics, sintering of diamond saw blades, and copper. Heat treatment such as annealing of steel strip. Next, Xiaobian will analyze the performance and structure of the vacuum hot press.
1. The vacuum hot press furnace uses a wet method to coat the glaze to sinter the inner liner.
2. This is a steel structure with a 1050 grade aluminum silicate fibres as its main insulation material, and the thickness of the two high temperature zones is below 340mm and 200mm respectively, while the low temperature zone is 100K. Mineral wool felt, in addition, we use 0.74mm color corrugated steel plate outside the furnace. The whole vacuum furnace is both beautiful and practical.
3. The furnace has 8 internal circulating stainless steel fan screens, which can maintain the average temperature in the furnace (the stainless steel fan screen has the function of blocking the heat flow overflow).
4. The heater of the furnace is made of corundum mullite tube, which not only has high temperature resistance, long service life, but also low maintenance cost. Also. The heater also acts to maintain the temperature inside the furnace.
5. The heating zone of the vacuum hot pressing furnace can ensure that the product has a heating time of 8 to 10 minutes, fully dissolve the enamel and improve the quality of the product.
6. The conveyor adopts a high-quality suspension chain with flexible and long life and combines sintering and drying into one conveying line to form a highly automated production.
7. The top hook of the vacuum hot pressing furnace is made of high temperature heat resistant steel, which is safe and reliable.
8. The furnace is divided into 7-8 sets of heaters, each of which can be individually temperature controlled. In order to further maintain the average temperature in the furnace, the furnace can also separately control the temperature up and down. In terms of temperature measurement, temperature measurement in the furnace Up to 20 points, you can fully control the furnace temperature.
9, the product drying time is about 30 minutes, and the length and speed respectively reach 60m, 25s or so, so that the product is fully dry.
10. The vacuum hot pressing furnace adopts a special structure to recycle waste heat to the drying of the product, which can save a lot of electric energy.


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