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Vacuum hot pressing furnace can realize multi-purpose

The vacuum hot pressing furnace is a kind of mutual bonding of ceramic green solid particles at a high temperature. Grain growth, and the voids and grain boundaries are gradually reduced. Through the transfer of the substance, its total volume shrinks and the density increases.

Finally, it becomes a stove for a dense polycrystalline sintered body having a certain microstructure. It can be used for the sintering of ceramic products and cemented carbide products under high pressure.

The design of the vacuum pressing sintering furnace is relatively novel and the operation is convenient. A single process can complete multiple processes.

The equipment uses high-purity graphite as the heating element. The thermocouple is used as the temperature measuring element.

Use the precision digital display program temperature controller to control the temperature. It can realize the automatic program lifting or manual lifting temperature of the furnace temperature.

The furnace body is a vertical furnace shell, and the outer layer of the inner cylinder made of stainless steel is carbon steel. A jacket is formed between the two layers, and the heat transferred to the furnace shell can be taken away by the cooling water. The upper and lower flanges are welded together. In the middle, there are infrared temperature measuring holes, thermocouple temperature measuring holes, air suction holes and observation holes. The platinum-iridium thermocouple has an automatic exit device to the temperature, and the infrared temperature observation hole has a glass gas blow-proof anti-fog device. The observation hole used by the operator is provided with a baffle.

The vacuum hot-pressing sintering furnace uses an electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism to load the sample, and the precision pressure sensor and the digital dynamometer measure the magnitude of the loading force, the loading speed is continuously adjustable, and the automatic loading can be realized at the same time. The furnace is vacuumed by a secondary vacuum unit to achieve vacuum hot pressing of the sample. At the same time, an appropriate amount of protective atmosphere or reaction atmosphere can be injected for atmospheric hot pressing sintering. The required crucible can be used for conventional vacuum sintering tests or vacuum melting.


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