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Detailed description of the product characteristics of high-temperature tube furnace

Detailed description of the product characteristics of high-temperature tube furnace
When burning or melting a sample in a high temperature tube furnace, the sample must be placed in a high temperature ceramic crucible or porcelain dish, and the operating conditions must be strictly controlled to prevent the sample from splashing corrosion due to excessive temperature. Send the furnace. Place an asbestos board at the bottom of the furnace and promptly clear the slag, metal oxides or other impurities on the asbestos board to protect the furnace from smoothness.
The temperature is easy to adjust and control, and the low degree of impurity pollution caused by the simple and reliable operation is the characteristic of the high-temperature tube furnace. Most of the experiments used this equipment to obtain high temperatures, which can meet the needs of customers under special requirements.
High temperature tubular furnaces are used in high temperature sintering, metal annealing and quality inspection in universities, research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises. Baking and zirconia disk pre-sintering in the powder metallurgy industry and denture processing industry. According to the size of the heating zone, carry out small test, pilot test and mass production.
High-temperature tube furnace features:
1. With fast flange sealing, only one clamp can complete the connection of the flange. It is convenient and quick to put and take materials, avoiding the possibility of air leakage caused by the manual operation of the bolt seal; reducing the heating tube caused by the installation flange possible damage;
2, the furnace cover can be opened, the heated material can be observed in real-time, and the temperature can be quickly cooled to meet the experimental needs of the material quenching and rapid heating;
3. The furnace adopts imported alumina polycrystalline fiber material, which has good thermal insulation performance, durability, high tensile strength, no miscellaneous ball, high purity, and energy saving effect is superior to domestic fiber materials. The resistance wire is made of high-resistance high-quality alloy, which is durable. The highest temperature can reach 1200 C; high-quality silicon molybdenum rods are heated on both sides. The highest temperature can reach 1700 C
4. A vacuum and gas path quick interface is reserved, which can be used with our vacuum system and aeration system;
5, optional conversion interfaces, to achieve interconnection with the computer. A dedicated computer control system is available to perform remote control, real time tracking, history recording, and output reporting with a single or up to 200 electric furnaces.
6, can be built-in thermocouple, real time monitoring of the temperature of the heating material.
7, the whole machine integrated design, led large-screen LCD display, beautiful and simple, simple operation.
8, intelligent PID high-precision controls, self-tuning function, 30-segment programmable control, can set 30-segment lifting temperature program, achieving power without loss.
9, temperature control precision, with a variety of thermostats to choose from, after entering the holding state, the temperature fluctuations are small (temperature control accuracy 1 C temperature uniform 2 C).
10, can be customized according to customer requirements for non-standard furnace type.


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