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Analysis of the advantages of vacuum hot pressing furnace

Analysis of the advantages of vacuum hot pressing furnace
The vacuum hot pressing furnace is a vertical vacuum resistance furnace using graphite as a heating element, and has a frame type double column support body. The hydraulic cylinder is lifted and lowered as a pressure source, and the metal compound, the ceramic, the inorganic compound, nano material, etc. can be heated and pressed in a vacuum or a protective atmosphere. It is widely used in hard alloys, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy, etc. under high temperature and high vacuum conditions, and can be hot pressed and sintered under the condition of inflation protection.
Precautions for the use of vacuum hot pressing furnace: Since the mold is generally prepared by the user, the heating material is basically made of high-purity graphite, and the pressure limit is 40 MPa. It is recommended that the user uses it below 30 MPa for safety. The area of ​​The lower punch is then converted into pressure. If the blind pressure is not calculated beforehand, the graphite products such as the mold, the briquetting block, the heating element and the heat preservation screen may be damaged; if the furnace temperature is below 200 °C, the temperature is raised manually, otherwise the temperature is controlled. Not allowed. Press the heating start button under vacuum and slowly adjust the “manual power adjustment” to make the current rise slowly. Do not exceed the rated current of 1200A. 3. The appearance of the vacuum furnace should be kept clean and tidy. If it is not used, the vacuum should be maintained. Otherwise, vacuuming efficiency will be reduced next time. Vacuum furnace and vacuum system should be used to fill the axial sealing part with vacuum sealing grease for about half a year. The axial sealing refers to the observation window baffle seat and the pneumatic vacuum butterfly valve.
Advantages of vacuum hot pressing furnace:
1. The forming pressure is greatly reduced, and the pressure used for hot pressing is only about 1/10 of that of cold press forming. So hot pressing can suppress large products.
2. The effect of powder particle size and hardness on the hot pressing process is not obvious. So hot pressing can suppress some hard and brittle powders.
3. The powder has good plasticity during hot pressing, and can be pressed into shaped products such as thin sheets and thin-walled tubes.
4. Shorten the sintering time.


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