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Know the process before purchasing a vacuum degreasing furnace

Know the process before purchasing a vacuum degreasing furnace
Vacuum degreasing furnace, as its name suggests, is a knotting furnace that can achieve the degreasing function. The vacuum degreasing and sintering furnace have complete functions. At present, there are many manufacturers of vacuum degreasing and sintering furnaces, but the better ones are concentrated in Anhui. Anhui Hanjiang River of the Huai River, along the river to the sea, economic prosperity, education developed, but also a concentrated area of ​​Vacuum degreasing furnace manufacturers. Before buying a vacuum degreasing furnace, you must first understand the process of using the vacuum degreasing furnace. Here is a small series for you.
Vacuum degreasing sintering furnace use process
The vacuum degreasing sintering furnace is a complete set of equipment for sintering the cemented carbide cutter head and various metal powder compacts under the condition of vacuum or protective atmosphere, using the principle of medium frequency induction heating, which is made of cemented carbide, metal tantalum and ceramic materials. Designed for industrial production. Before use, start the water pump to make the water frequency of the medium frequency power supply, vacuum furnace induction coil and furnace cooling system normal, and adjust the water pressure to the specified value. After doing the following preparations:
1. Check the vacuum pump power supply system, the belt pulley is tight, and the vacuum pump oil is located in the middle line of the oil seal observation hole. After checking, manually turn the vacuum pumps belt pulley. If there is no abnormality, the vacuum pump can be started with the butterfly valve closed.
2. Check the condition of the vacuum furnace, it is required to be hygienic in the vacuum furnace body, the induction coil is well insulated, and the sealed vacuum tape has elasticity and the size is qualified.
3. Check if the lever handle of the vacuum furnace body is flexible.
4. Check if the rotary McGee vacuum gauge is satisfactory.
5. Check the graphite crucible and install the furnace accessories.
After the above is ready, turn on the power, the intermediate frequency power is turned on, press the intermediate frequency to start the regulation, try to start the frequency conversion, and then stop the frequency conversion after successful, before the furnace can be opened.


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