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Hot press sintering furnace start-up operation instructions

Hot press sintering furnace start-up operation instructions
The hot press sintering furnace comprises a sintering furnace and a vacuuming part. The sintering furnace comprises a furnace body and a heating chamber installed in the furnace body. The sintering furnace is provided with six electric electrodes, which are respectively arranged on the upper and lower sides of the furnace body. There are hydraulic upper beam and hydraulic lower beam, hydraulic upper beam and hydraulic lower beam are connected by four pillars into one whole.
1: Check if the circuit and waterway are normal, such as normal power supply, water.
2: Turn on the mechanical pump, slowly open the pre-pump valve after 30 seconds, and open the fore-stage valve after 1 minute.
3: Turn on the diffusion pump when the vacuum reaches 10 Pa or less, and heat the diffusion pump.
4: After the diffusion pump is heated to 60 minutes, the pre-pump valve is closed, the high vacuum valve is opened, and the vacuum gradually reaches a high vacuum.
5: Heating start, please use manual heating below 200 degrees, in the manual operation menu of the control panel, pay attention to the first use, turn the dial up and down once, then dial to the manual position, start heating, input about 50, determine. The current is generally controlled below 300A.
Automatic heating: Set the temperature control table in the temperature control interface to automatically start to heat or turn on the manual position to start heating manually.
The above setting instructions: from 200 degrees to 120 minutes to 600 degrees, 600 degrees to 30 minutes, from 600 degrees to 130 minutes to 1000 degrees, 1000 degrees to 5 hours, from 1000 degrees to 600 degrees to 60. Minutes, the program stops automatically after 60 minutes (Note: The time setting -121 program will stop automatically here).
After setting the heating process, first stop the manual heating, then turn the dial to the automatic position to start the automatic heating program. If you need to record the data, please click “√” in the data save meeting.
6: In the state of heat preservation, it is necessary to maintain the normal circulation of circulating water.
7: After the holding time is over, turn off the heating switch. If high vacuum is not needed, turn off the diffusion pump, open the pre-pumping valve, close the high vacuum valve, and start to cool down. Note: Do not turn off the mechanical pump
8: Turn off the mechanical pump when the temperature drops to 200 degrees (the diffusion pump reaches normal temperature) and close all valves.
9: Release the pressure at normal temperature, flush into the air, and take out the raw materials.
10: If you do not continue working, open the mechanical pump and pre-pump valve and then pump for 5 minutes to close the mechanical pump and pre-pump valve. Keep the studio in a vacuum to prevent moisture intrusion.
11. Pressure operation: Firstly, in the manual operation interface, the pressure mode is set to the automatic position, and the instrument can be directly operated. After setting the program, press the run button for 3 seconds to start, press the stop button for 3 seconds to stop.


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