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Vacuum Tube Furnace

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Vacuum Tube Furnace

Vacuum tube furnace made in China, Product price concessions.

What is the use of vacuum tube furnace?

The vacuum tube furnace consists of a multi-channel gas system and a vacuum system. It can be designed and produced according to user needs and has reliable performance.

The vacuum tube furnace is used for laboratory analysis, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for elemental analysis and determination of general small steel parts for quenching, annealing, tempering and heating of new materials such as electronic ceramics.
The tube furnace has perfect performance design, which combines multiple functions, safety, reliability and practicality. The vacuum can reach 10Pa.
Vacuum furnace is divided into laboratory vacuum furnace, small vacuum furnace, high temperature vacuum furnace, etc.

CVD Vacuum Tube Furnace
CVD Vacuum Tube Furnace

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