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Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

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vacuum hot press furnace

Vacuum hot press furnace is suitable for hot press molding of new materials such as powder metallurgy and functional ceramics.

Hot pressing advantages of vacuum hot pressing furnace

1. To prevent oxidation, the surface is not oxidized, does not decarburize and has the effect of reducing and removing rust, eliminating the surface grinding process, thereby saving steel and raw material consumption and saving processing time.
2. Vacuum degassing effect, improve the surface purity of the material, improve the fatigue strength, plasticity and toughness of the material, and improves corrosion resistance.
3. Degreasing, remove residual oil and improves product quality.
4. Handle the workpiece without hydrogen embrittlement and prevent the surface of titanium and refractory metal from embrittlement.
5. Quenching deformation is small.
6. Compared with the controllable atmosphere furnace, the gas source of high-quality combustible gas is not needed, and energy is saved. Since the vacuum heating chamber uses a material with a smaller heat capacity and better heat insulation effect as a heat shield, the heat storage loss is small, and the furnace has a high thermal efficiency. It can achieve rapid temperature rise and rapid temperature drop.
7. The vacuum hot press sintering process has good stability.
8. Low power consumption, energy consumption is 50% of conventional heat treatment, production costs are low.
9. Safe operation, high degree of automation, good working environment, no pollution and no pollution.

Detailed description of the structure of the vacuum hot pressing furnace:

1 Vacuum hot pressing furnace body part:
The vacuum hot pressing furnace body is a vertical furnace shell, and the outer layer of the inner cylinder made of stainless steel is carbon steel.
2 The vacuum hot pressing furnace body is a furnace cover, which is composed of inner and outer sealing heads and flanges. The middle water cooling furnace cover is hung on the opening and closing mechanism.
The handle on the plate moving starting mechanism can lift the furnace cover by 10-15mm. The cover has a pressure head, a pressure sensor, an exhaust diaphragm valve and a furnace cover locking device.
3 Bottom part: It is also composed of inner and outer heads and flanges.
4 The hob has the upper beam, the hob, the bottom and the column, and is used as the upper and lower head support.
5 The heating elements in the furnace are made of graphite. The insulating material is made of graphite felt and graphite tube as heat shield, and the indenter is made of high-strength graphite.
6 Hydraulic pressure is adjusted by electric input. It is equipped with hydraulic locks and steering valves and other related devices. The pressure and displacement are digital.
7 The vacuum hot pressing furnace vacuum system uses a mechanical pump and an oil diffusion pump, and is equipped with a cold trap and a unit. The vacuum is measured as a composite vacuum gauge.
The vacuum system is also equipped with a bleed valve and an inflation valve. The vacuum connection hose is made of stainless steel metal hose.

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