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Vacuum Degreasing Sintering Furnace

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Vacuum Degreasing Sintering Furnace

HAOYUE is a vacuum degreasing sintering furnace manufacturer.

How does a vacuum furnace work?
First, the furnace preparation
(1) Check whether the electrical connectors are tight and the components are clean and normal.
(2) The measured insulation resistance should not be less than 2 kΩ.
(3) Adjust the temperature control instrument, time relay, etc. to meet the requirements of the thermal process regulations.
(4) Turn on the back-filled nitrogen switch.
(5) Turn on the pneumatic air source switch.
(6) Turn on the main switch of the water cooling system.
(7) The main power switch is closed.
(8) Magnetic regulator, the main switch on the control cabinet is closed.
(9) Open the cooling chamber electromagnetic bleed valve and deflate the furnace.

Second, the furnace steps:
(1) Open the shut-off valves of the water cooling system to ensure smooth drainage. During the working period of the furnace, the drainage temperature should not exceed 35 °C to prevent fouling.
(2) Open the furnace cover, feed the workpiece into the furnace cooling chamber, and then close the furnace cover.
(3) Start the mechanical pump.
(4) Open the cooling water vacuum valve to evacuate the cooling chamber. When the cooling chamber is close to the vacuum of the heating chamber, the following operation procedure can be performed.
(5) Open the vacuum insulated door.
(6) Feed the workpiece and the workpiece car into the heating chamber.
(7) The workpiece and the workpiece car are lowered, and the workpiece is parked on the hearth.
(8) The workpiece car returns to the cooling room.
(9) Close the vacuum insulated door.
(10) Open the chamber vacuum valve.
(11) When the vacuum degree is ≤ 670Pa, start the machine to increase the pump.
(12) When the vacuum degree is 2.7Pa, the electricity is heated, heated, and kept warm (according to the process requirements).
(13) After the heat preservation is finished, the heating chamber is closed, the vacuum valve on the cooling chamber and the stopping machine increase the pressure pump work.
(14) The mechanical pump stops working.
(15) Open the vacuum insulated door. Simultaneous
(16) The furnace is de-energized and the heating is stopped.
(17) The workpiece car enters the heating chamber.
(18) The pick-and-place workpiece cylinder rises and the workpiece carrier lifts the workpiece.
(19) The workpiece car and the workpiece are returned to the cooling chamber.
(20) Close the vacuum insulated door.
(21) The cold chamber was filled with nitrogen gas to a pressure of 0.06 MPa.
(22) Start the cooling fan.
(23) Turn off the fan when the workpiece is cooled to approximately 120 °C.
(24) Open the venting valve of the cold room and inflate it into the atmosphere.
(25) Open the furnace cover and take out the workpiece.
Third, stop the furnace

(1) Turn off the back-filled nitrogen switch.
(2) Turn off the pneumatic air source switch.
(3) When the furnace temperature drops below 120 °C, turn off the water main switch and each part of the shut-off valve.
(4) Pull open the main power switch.

Vacuum furnace operation precautions
1. The cooling water source of the intermediate frequency power supply. The vacuum furnace body and the induction coil must be filled with water and there should be no impurities in the water.
2. Start the water pump to make the water frequency of the medium frequency power supply. Vacuum furnace induction coil and furnace cooling system normal, and adjust the water pressure to the specified value.
3. Check the vacuum pump power supply system, the belt pulley is tight, and the vacuum pump oil is located in the middle line of the oil seal observation hole. After checking, manually turn the vacuum pump belt pulley. If there is no abnormality, the vacuum pump can be started with the butterfly valve closed. 4. Check the condition of the vacuum furnace, require the first level of hygiene in the vacuum furnace. The induction coil is well insulated, and the sealed vacuum tape has elasticity and the size is qualified.
5. Check if the lever handle of the vacuum furnace body is flexible.
6. Check that the rotary McGee vacuum gauge is satisfactory.
7. Check the graphite crucible and install the furnace accessories.
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