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  • Vacuum Degreasing Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Degreasing Sintering Furnace

The vacuum degreasing and sintering integrated equipment is mainly used for vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment and high temperature vacuum sintering. Suitable for sintering of stainless steel bases, hard alloys, high temperature alloys, high specific gravity alloys, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, carbides, borides, nitrides, oxides and intermetallic compounds. The process of fine dewaxing, pre-baking, sintering and rapid cooling can be completed in one pot in the same furnace. Eliminate product quality accidents caused by repeated product movement, heating and cooling, reduce labor intensity, shorten production cycle, and improve production efficiency.

Vacuum Degreasing Sintering Furnace is suitable for stainless steel based, hard alloys, superalloys, high specific gravity alloys, cermets, magnetic materials, carbides, borides, oxides, intermetallic compounds, vacuum or carrier gas degreasing prior to sintering.

Vacuum sintering furnace can be equipped with in-furnace or extra-furnace circulation cooling devices to accelerate material cooling in the furnace, shorten work cycles and increase production efficiency.

Due to their induction heating, inductive heated high-temperature furnaces are particularly used when large furnace volumes and working temperatures of up to 2400°C or more are needed.

The constant release of energy of the induction-heated graphite susceptor enables the achievement of excellent uniformity of temperature even at temperatures of more than 2400°C.

The higher investment costs for such furnaces in comparison to resistance-heated furnaces are compensated by a longer life cycle of this furnace type. In particular cases, these technically sophisticated furnaces can be adjusted to individual tasks.


1.Max working temperature: 2400°C

2.Vacuum: 1 Pa

3.Working gases: Ar / N2 (further types of gases available upon request)

4.Debinding and removal of temporary binders as option for combined processes

5.Optional: rapid cooling, insulation opening, gas circulation

6.Special sizes and functions available on request

7.Special-purpose solutions for composite materials (e.g. C/C or C/SiC)

8.Special-purpose solutions for graphite cleaning

9.Induction heating body can be made of metal materials like graphite or molybdenum


Effective size(mm)

Max temp(℃) Ultimate vacuum(Pa)



VVSco-30/50 300x500 2400 1
VVSco-50/80 500x800 2400 5


Uniform heating, reliable heat insulation and temperature measurement: Reasonable heating structure, excellent material, guarantee the uniformity of furnace temperature under vacuum condition, and adopt brand temperature measuring components to accurately measure temperature.
Super degreasing effect: Special degreasing sealing furnace and fat trap, no internal furnace wall, heat shield and heating body pollution, degreasing and grease collecting are more effective, special sealing furnace is beneficial to improve furnace temperature uniformity. Directional airflow degreasing, enhanced degreasing effect, no dead fat in the furnace, and more complete degreasing. The pressure control in the furnace realizes micro-negative and constant-pressure sintering, inhibits metal volatilization, and improves product compactness and quality.
Thorough steam cleaning system: equipped with a unique steam cleaning system to eliminate grease troubles.
Advanced automatic control and reliable safety interlock: It adopts computer to realize automatic control of temperature and action process, PLC realizes safety interlock, and has sound and light alarm and interlocking work such as overpressure, over temperature and high temperature.
High-efficiency rapid cooling system: equipped with an internal circulation rapid cooling device, high-efficiency heat transfer technology blows the workpiece in multiple directions, and the cooling is fast and uniform. Compared with the external circulating rapid cooling device, it has the advantages of small footprint, small area, high starting temperature and fast vacuum pumping speed.



Effective sizemm

Max temp

Ultimate vacuumPa














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